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Speed Up your Games With Razor Cortex

If you haven't already DOWNLOAD RAZER CORTEX NOW! 

Seriously, stop reading this and go get it! Ok while it's downloading and installing I'll tell you about it.

Just think of it as an optimizer, all it does is put all the most common unnecessary apps to sleep, which in turn frees up your RAM and processing power.

It doesn't sound like it does much but some apps are a whole lot more resource-hungry than you might think. Just sitting here writing this Google chrome is using a whopping 2.5GB of RAM!

Then nothing else seems to use more than a few hundred MB's But there is a lot of it! So many processes at idle that I'm using 45% of my 16GB's of RAM!

Now once you install Razer Cortex when you launch a game it kicks into action and closes a load of programs and processes you don't need.

To get even more of a Gaming Edge (Remember in first-person shooters every extra frame you get over the competition Gives You The Edge) you can go into the Razor Cortex app, click Boost, and then you can select the tabs to choose other programs, processes, and services to kill to make your gaming PC run even faster!

Just Be careful not to kill anything that your games need to run, like game launchers or other optimisers such as MSI afterburner, stick to the rule "If you don't know what it is, Don't Touch!

So after spending all of five mins tweaking Razer Cortex settings It frees up over 3.5GB's of RAM and My games are already ready running better. Tie that in with the other Gaming Edge Tips and we are heading for some fun times for sure.

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