PC too slow? Stream Gaming

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If the latest CPU, Ram, Mobo, PSU, SSD and Gfx, liquid cooling system. card is out of your budget, consider Stream gaming. It won’t beat a top of the range pc but it will mean you can play on a pc or laptop that just doesn’t cut it! All you need is a good stable internet conection (why not see our post about reducing your ping?) and a laptop/pc to play on. 

Play all the latest games with high settings with good frame rate for a lot less than what a high end gaming PC might cost you per year.

There are a few options to choose from so when choosing a game streaming service try to fine one that has a server as geographically close to you as possible, this will help reduce laitancy (lag) between your machine and your chosen streeming service.

1. Nvidia GeForce Now


3. Google Stadia

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