Nvidia GeForce Experience

Geforce Experience


Pro Hacks

When you spend out big money on a shiny new Nvidia graphics card you must be sure to install Nvidia's "Geforce Experience" and "Nvidia Control pannel"

Nvidia Geforce Experience will let you know as soon as there is a new drive out and let you install it with a couple of clicks, no remembering to search for updates or getting left behind in the frame rate race because you forgot to update your drivers for the latest games. The other really cool thing you can do is optimise the in-game settings with one click!

Nvidia Geforce experience will help you set up the video quality settings for the games it recognises at the click of a button for free (a feature that Razer Cortex charges for).

Personally, I like to spend time gaming and not fiddling with settings so I tend to click optimise in here, however, because I am already using all of the tweaks here on the gaming edge I find I can go beyond the settings that Geforce Experience chooses for me.

Nvidia Control panel lets you set up things like G-sync (to stop screen tearing and generating more frames that your screen can vend) and really fine-tune and tweak how your card operates, basically in my eyes it does a whole bunch of stuff that I don't want to, or need to do (with the exception of Gsync, That is well worth opening up Nvidia Control pannel for!) There are tons of videos on youtube on how to change the settings in the Nvidia control panel, but you only really need to be in here if you are trying to get a bit of a dog PC to run a game that it just can't quite handle, If you are in this situation though you should probably take a look at How To Stream Games and trying that before spending loads of cash out on a Gaming PC (After all "Girls don't like Boys, Girls like cars and money" Not geeks with gaming PC's).

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