MSI Afterburner for Nvidia cards

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Free Performance Boost For your GFX card.

MSI Afterburner is a free peice of software that will help any level of gaming PC user perform some level of Overclock to their Graphix Card making it perform better than the factory settings it is shipped with.


To get going Download MSI Afterburner here and open the settings, Change the user interface to the same as the one in the video by xxxxxxxx

Then Select the abillity to modify volts temp and freak

Go to OC and click test and let it run, it will take a little time so go think about what you really want to achieve in life and if gaming is what you want all your fond memories to be about when you are on your death bed.

Then when it completes and if you're still up for gaming click test. Once that is done you should see on the User interface CURVE, this means the software is enhancing your GFX card and you've overclocked it, Hi Five!


To get even more out of MSI afterburner(instead of doing something interesting like getting laid or doing something worthwhile with your life)  you can increase settings in increments, spend a lot of time performing trial and error tests with msi afterburner and their benchmarking software and after hours and hours of fiddling you might even get a great score that you can submit to an online forum, and no one will care. Or you might fry your graphics card and have to buy a new one.

Anyway if you'd like to try overclocking there are plenty of resources on YouTube JayzTwoCents has loads of great content

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