Quick Performance Boosts

Quick Performance Boots For Your Gaming PC

Quick Wins, easy to impliment.

The Following are pretty much install, and go.

Try one of these quick wins or combine them all to get your gaming PC running faster!

Fresh Windows Install

Sometimes starting from scratch will give you the boost you need!

Load Up!
Set and go, One of our favourite apps to close unnecessary apps while gaming!
Speed Me Up Scotty
GeForce for better fps

Not only will Nvidia's Geforce Experience detect and update your drivers for your, It will also help you optimise your games!

The Way It's ment to be played
Speed Up your Gaming Rig with MSI After Burner

Soft Over clocking, Faster than manual overclocking, Afterburner takes a while to scan and then stress test, but it will do it all for you!

Jet to IT

I Still Need More Power

These Improvements will oftern make huge difference. If you want to see just how far you can push your gaming rig, or are looking to become a pro gamer? Then Check out our Pro Performance Hacks!

Load a Saved Game