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Get more Ram

We wish it was a cheap and easy to just Download more Ram, but onfortuanatly that’s just a gag! So lets free up as much as yours as possible.

How do we do this? Close all non essential apps. You may not know but Googles browser “Chrome” is a real resource eater! it uses so much of your computers ram you just wouldn’t beleive how much! Just clicking X and closing the window won’t stop it from running either, It will just carry on running in the background, It’s not just chrome that does this either, there are a whole bunch of apps and even windows apps that are running that just aren’t needed to run your games, in fact add all these up and it is defanatly effecting your gaming performance!

What to do

So you can either go throw the long list of items you know you don’t need while gaming, (and the long list of apps that are running on your computer that you don’t even know you don’t need) and turn them all off one by one before you start your game, then restart your comp after you’ve finnished gaming.


Do your self a favour and download Razer cortex , Razor Cortex  turns off all the apps you don’t need and also displays a nice little graphic to show you how much RAM it has freed up for you too! I usually free up about 1.5 GB of RAM when it runs so it is well worth doing, you can even go through all the settings in Cortex to make sure you get rid of every single app to make sure you free up every possible bit of RAM and CPU usage for all your gaming needs!

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